Currency and banks

In Slovenia, from 1 January 2007, the official currency is  Euro. Cash and traveler's checks in euros can be replaced in all the banks, post offices and exchange offices. There are also a number of ATMs which,  for a minimal fee, allow easy raising of the local currency (EURO). Banks are usually open during the week from 9  to 12 and 14 to17 hour, on Saturdays between 9  and 12.


For countries in EU, which concluded an agreement on visa exemptions, passenger must have a passport, valid for at least six months, and a visa, which can be awarded in Slovenian (or authorized) representative in their country.
Source: (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia.
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Standard of medical care in Slovenia is very high. In all cities you can  find health centers ,which provide diverse health care and support.  Centers are open from 7 to 20h. Pharmacy  adjust  there working time with medical institutions.. After 20pm there  are organized emergency services, which care for emergencies.

Each clinic emergency gets medical attention. However, medical insurance covers only  those, who have international health insurance, while other patients have to pay for medical care themselves.
For traveling in Slovenia there are no required special vaccinations, as there is no danger of suffering dangerous diseases. Country recommends a vaccination against tetanus, but is not necessarily. For minor problems  such as colds, headaches, fever and insect bites, you can get medicines in pharmacies without prescription.
Citizens of Austria, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Hungary, the Netherlands, Germany and Romania have signed the agreement with Slovenia to free medical assistance. This right may be exercised with your passport and medical card, gain the citizens of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.
Citizens of the UK are entitled to free treatment on the basis of the passport. Croatian citizens are required to submit a medical card. Health services that are not urgent, are payable in cash.
In Slovenia, the water that comes out of the tap is healthy and safe to drink. If you are eating in restaurants and pubs there is no concern about the malfunctioning food superfluous, because the catering company’s meet the high standard of hygiene in food preparation.

Movements in the woods or on the water should be with caution because of ticks. We recommend that you provide protective gear and sprays. In the summer, around the water surface, you may be interrupted  by mosquitoes. Before traveling, make sure you have health insurance, as you merely get free treatment in case of illness or injury.  Accident insurance is mostly included in the price of travel.
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Crossing the border:
Among EU Member States, dogs, cats and ferrets (non-commercial movements of pet animals, where animals with owners returning to their home country) need to cross the border with a EU passport for pets with a confirmed rabies vaccination. Animals must be labeled in the prescribed manner . For some EU Member States (the UK, Republic of Ireland, and Sweden are subject to special rules and details are available from the Veterinary Administration of the Republic of Slovenia or local veterinary institutions). For other pets (rodents, reptiles, amphibians, aquarium fish, ornamental birds, etc.). Rules are different from country to country, so it makes sense to acquire information in each country.
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Shops are generally open continuously during the week between 8 and 19 pm and on Saturdays from 8 to 13 pm. In particular, private shops, department stores and major shopping centers are open until 20 or 21 pm, Sundays and holidays till 15 pm.
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In the post, you can edit the purchase of letter stamps, transfer letters, parcels, express mail and telegrams, both in Slovenia, as well as in the international environment. At the same time, you can at most post offices do the majority of financial services.  Major post offices are open on weekdays from 8 am and 18 pm and on Saturdays from 8 am to 12. In major cities, the main post offices are open until 19 pm and on Saturdays until 13 pm. Some post offices are also open on Saturday afternoons and Sunday morning
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Tax Refund

Because of the principle of European market, Slovenia eliminated the possibility of tax refunds in crossing the border, as among EU members such relief is not possible.
For non-EU visitors seller must fill out a special form. The completed form, including the original receipt, must be included in the border crossing and confirmed with the customs authorities. Tax will be reimbursed by the competent institution in your country listed on the form of duty-free purchase.
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Times areas

Slovenia is located in the Central time zone UTC +1, and has staggered summer time. At the same time zone is most European and some North African countries.
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Holidays and free work days

January 1st - New Year's Day
February 8th - Prešeren Day
April 20th - Easter day
April 21st - Easter Monday
April 27th - Day of Uprising Against Occupation
May 1st - Labour Day holiday
May 2nd - Labour Day holiday
June 8th - Whit Sunday
June 25th - Statehood Day
August 15th - Assumption of Mary
October 31st - Reformation Day
November 1st - Remembrance Day
December 25th - Christmas day
December 26th - Independence and Unity Day
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Ljubljana Public Transport

Dear Ljubljana Public Transport Passengers

The most important task of the public company Ljubljanski potniški promet d.o.o. is to take care of comfortable and undisturbed public transport in the area of the entire Municipality of Ljubljana and 16 suburban municipalities. Our wish and goal is to make sure that the bus would become the best alternative to the personal car since Ljubljana is suffocated by all the metal and the daily traffic jams strain the nerves of all participants in the traffic.

There are almost one thousand people in LPP striving to provide as modern, comfortable, safe and reliable transportation as possible to the citizens of Ljubljana as well as those living in suburban municipalities who come to work or school to Ljubljana on a daily basis. By purchasing new, modern, air-conditioned and environmentally friendly buses, providing regular training for our drivers, timetable optimisation and many other projects and measures, we are already able to provide quality public transportation service; by implementing our long-term goals, we will take care that public transport in Ljubljana and the surrounding areas becomes even more reliable and comfortable and thus the best choice for travelling around the city.


1.Via internet (Bus Telargo Stop on you can find out when buses are arriving at a specific bus stop you choose: Napovedi prihodov avtobusov
2.Another possibility to get this kind of information is via LPP BUS INFO which is a real time information on bus arrivals however available only on Slovenian mobile phones via text messages or on the website under the symbol:
3. Via phone call: 090 7220 (Costs 1,09 € incl tax)

Terms of use, schedules, fares, types of Urbana cards and types of tickets are available on and at LPP Information Centre at Slovenska 56 in Ljubljana.
Entering and exiting is permitted only at designated stops. Passengers may only enter through the front door next to the driver and exit through the other doors. At bus stops located outside of Ljubljana's circle please ring the driver, or stand up and prepare to exit, as it is not required to stop the bus at every bus stop. If there are no passengers at the bus stop wishing to enter, the bus will also not stop if it is outside Ljubljana's circle. Please, remember that some busses have an exit button next to the doors that needs to be pushed for the doors to open.
The fare must be paid immediately after entry with a validation of Urbana card. Smoking, eating and drinking are not allowed on the bus. Drivers, control officers, city constables and city inspectors can deny entry and enforce the passenger to leave the bus if the passenger's behaviour represents a danger to law and order, if the passenger is visibly drunk or intoxicated or is causing damage to other passengers or the vehicle's equipment. Highly inflammable, explosive, toxic or other hazardous materials, firearms and other objects forbidden by law may not be brought onto the buses. In accordance with "BUSBONTON" we ask the passengers not to address the driver during the ride, to move towards the back exit door, to give up their seat to the elderly and pregnant women, to consider people with special needs, not to use their rollers, skateboards or roller blades while on the bus and to take appropriate care of LPP property.

Most bus routes operate 5am - 10.30pm (Sundays from 6am).
Night routes:
N1 (10.30pm - 4.50am)
2 in 6 (2.50am - 0.20 am)
N3 (9.00pm-4.50am)
N5 (9.00pm-5.00 am)
11 (2.50am - 4.50am)

On Saturday there is no service on routes 1D, 19B,22,24,28,29
On Sunday there is no service on routes 1D,7L,8,11,18,19B,21,22,24

Map of Bus Routes
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Urbana - smart card

Ljubljana City buses have electronic payment system based on no-contact smart card called Urbana. Urbana cards are electronic ticket carriers.

URBANA value card (yellow) is without a name of the holder and is transferable. You can buy and top it up with credit up to 50 EUR (at Urbanomat top-up stations; the lowest amount of credit is 1 EUR) or with transferable monthly and yearly tickets.

URBANA time card (green) is issued with the name of the holder and it is not transferable. You can top it up with a selected monthly ticket and/or with credit up to 50€.

Both types of cards are valid on all Ljubljana city bus routes. The credit does not lapse. The payment must be made at the beginning of the ride by touching with your card at one of the green readers (validators) on the bus.
One fare will cost you 1,20€ including 90 min ride within all the City Public Transport bus routes. However, you should validate your card (touch the reader with the card  Urbana) every time you enter the bus.
In order to pay for two or more passangers, please tell the bus driver – before validation at the driver's reader (validator) – that you wish to buy more than one ticket and how many would you like to buy. The passengers you paid for should during the ride stay near you.
Please remember, that all selling points where Urbana cards can be purchased and topped-up are marked with a red round label with Urbana written on it.
From Mai, 11th, 2009 Urbana is the only payment system used on Ljubljana city buses. For local passengers a mobile phone payment system called Moneta is also in place.

All tickets are carried on Urbana cards.
Value ticket: single fare paid from pre-paid credit on Urbana card that enables free transfers within 90 minutes.
Personalised monthly tickets: valid for an unlimited number of rides on all routes from the 1st day of the month until the 5th day of the following month. No photo necessary. A range of monthly tickets is available, some of them at subsidised prices. For more information please enquire at LPP Information Centre.

Passengers without a valid or with an unvalidated Urbana card can be asked to leave the bus and are liable to a penalty of 40 EUR. Control is performed by control officers, city constables and city inspectors.
If you are an URBANA time card (green) holder, you should – during the inspection on the bus – show a personal document including your photo which enables control officers to identifiy the card holder with the passenger.

Please report cases of lost or stolen cards immediately by calling a free phone number 080 60 77 or make a call at LPP Information Centre +386 (0)1 430-51-75, +386 (0)1 430-51-76. More information will be provided upon report.

Children up to the age of 6 years travel free of charge. Children up to the age of 5 years are not required to have an Urbana card. Children between 5 and 6 years of age must have an Urbana card with which they have to validate, but they travel free of charge. Children's Urbana cards are available at LPP information centre.
Children up to the age of 6 years must travel with adults (over 18) or be accompanied by an older child or minor (over 10) with consent of parents, legal guardians or foster parents of the child.

No charge for transport of prams and strollers.

Buses marked with blue stickers with a white pictogram of a person in a wheelchair are equipped with ramps. Please ask the driver for assistance. Most city buses have one-level low floors and are equipped with audio announcers of bus stops. No charge for transport of wheelchairs. If you need any additional information on buses (when a specific type of the bus is coming to your bus station) please call: + 386 (0)1 58 22 425.

Dogs on city buses are allowed except during rush hours. Dogs must be clean, healthy and on a leash. They must wear a muzzle and have a valid vaccination certificate. Other small animals can only travel in cages and in a manner that doesn't disturb or endanger other passengers as well as animals. There is no fare for animal transport.

Please hand over any found items to the driver. Found items of value are kept at LPP on Celovška cesta 160 for a month and later handed over to Ljubljana - Šiška precinct police department. Common items are kept at LPP for three months and, if not claimed, later disposed off.

Slovenska 56, 1000 Ljubljana: 7 am to 7 pm, on weekdays only

Ticket vending machines (Urbanomats)
and all other selling points

Tel: +386 (0)1 430-51-74, +386 (0)1 430-51-75, +386 (0)1 430-51-76
(Weekdays only: 7am - 7pm)

INFORMATION (schedules, routes, info for passengers with special needs)
24 hours daily: + 386 (0)1 58 22 425

T: +386 (0)1 58 22 464
Weekdays only: 7am – 5pm

+ 386 (0)1 58 22 506
Weekdays only: 8am - 2pm
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What's POI map?

POI map is a tourist information map, that can be found in many tourist points troughout Slovenia.

Read more ...


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