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We are here for you every day, all day. We open our door on Mondays at 10 a.m. and close it at 9 p.m. This is our working time every weekday, except Friday when we close our door in late morning hours of the next day. We offer a variety of dishes at reasonable prices. On Saturdays and Sundays you can relax in our company, when we serve you a delicious lunch and other treats of your taste.

Delicious pizzas baked in our bread oven every day... and to cool off in the afternoon have a delicious fruit cup or a frappé made from fresh fruits.

We recomend to reserve a table if you are going to visit us at the weekend. Reservations during weekdays are not necessary, except for larger groups.

Offer for groups

In the sport park Ribičija you are welcome every day. Come and share a part of peacefulness, nature and joyfulness with us and your loved ones. But take one part with you and give it to the ones that perhaps do not yet know that also larger groups are welcome in orur park. There are 500 seats inside the restaurant and 150 on the terrace. Our warm and charming atmosphare will instantly relax you while our attentive staff spoils you also with delicious food. If you chode to spend an active day you can go fishing, play beachvolleyball or football on articial grass. If all that does not satisfy you, we invite you to a dance.

The suggestion are appropriate for groups of 10 to 500 people:

  • smaller or larger groups can sit in separate rooms (away from the other guests)
  • business luncher and dinners, we suggest you arrange the annual business closures, business meetings with your business partners, branches
  • tasting home wine and brandy during lectures about wine and the culture of drinking
  • a tour of the best horse ridding school in Podravska region, where you will be blown away by beautiful horses and neat barns and the breathtaking view of Maribor

Sports fishing

Fishers can compete to catch 1,5 meter long sheatfish as well as other fish. You can spend a whole day with us - go fishing in the morning hours, take a walk around the pond, have delicious lunch on the terrace with a picturesque view later on and return to fishing in the afternoon or just enjoy the nature.

We practise catch and release fishing. obligatory use of barbless hooks, landing nets and odpenjalca. As a bate you can use corn, tigernuts and praga. Bread fishing is forbidden.

A day of fishing costs 4 Euro.


There are three picnic areas available. Two of them are jointed with our restaurant which means that it is mandatory to buy our drinks, you can bring your food with and the use of these picnic areas is therefore free of charge. Of course, we can prepare the food for you, if you like.

Football on artificial grass

for all of the soccer enthusiasts we prepared an artificial grass court of top quality. The court is equipped with new changng rooms, toilets, showers..

Beach volleyball

Beach-volleyball lovers can enjoy themselves on the court of white sand. You can also use the new changing rooms, toilets and showers.

The price for one hour term is 8 €.

Children's world

Our restaurant is child-friendly.

It welcomes every child who likes intact nature. The youngest children can enjoy themselves in the playground equipped with different recreational equipment . The playground has no access to the pond and thus the children are not in danger. Parents can share peaceful moments with their little »pumpkins« who are always at sight. It would be modest to say that playground equipment is all we have for children. We have much more to offer...

Animal world

In our zoo you will be charmed by lightness, elegance and frightfulness of the fallow deer and hinds that calmly walk around. If you happen to have a piece of stale bread with you they will come near you and eat it out of your hands. You should try it, it really is a great feeling.

Our companion of many years is a heron, which stays with us also during the winter when all of her relatives fly to warmer places. We believe that she likes living with us.

We also have a few rabbits and two guinea-pigs. There are ducks swimming in the pond and every year their little ducks make the pond look even more picturesque. The pond is inhabited by carps, sheatfish and a few silver and bighead carps. The restaurant is decorated with two huge aquariums full of fishes. One lies beneath the stage, the other one above the bar.



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