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Kobarid is a picturesque town in the Upper Soča Valley, surrounded by the peaks of Mt. Krn, Matajurja and Stol and is the administrative center of the municipality. Through this colorful environment flow and fed valley vibrant current of rivers Soca and Nadiža with many tributaries, waterfalls and canyons.

The beautiful scenery of the Julian Alps in this place attracts visitors who want to withdraw from crowded cities and find a quiet place for walks or active leisure time while fishing, mountain climbing, biking, kayaking, rafting, paragliding, or simply enjoy the peaceful beauty of nature . The unique beauty of this area is the river Soca, one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. This beautiful emerald river is also the home to the marble trout, which attracts anglers from all around the world. Visitors are also taken by majestic mountain ranges and high peaks, from which you can see all the way to the sea. There are many footpaths with unique panoramic views and the possibility to ride mountain bikes.

The remains of the Isonzo Front on the ridges of surrounding peaks reflect events of World War I. Here is where the largest military conflict in the mountainous region in the history of mankind was held . This gruesome story is told in the great Kobarid Museum, which in 1993 was awarded by the Council of Europe Museum Prize and and can also be witnessed along picturesque historical learning path of Kobarid. Tonovcev castle, recent archaeological site, shows the exceptional importance of these places in Late Antiquity. In addition to all these visitors can see a number of other cultural, historical and ethnological attractions offered by the Kobarid with its surroundings. Guests from far and near are also attracted to these places by excellent restaurants and inns, joined together in the "Kobarid gastronomic circle." You are welcome too!

TIC Kobarid

TIC Kobarid

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Tourist information in Kobarid.

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