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It is the homeland of lush forests, free birds and proud animals, a place where breath-taking underground world meets typical Karst features. It is a land of astounding historical monuments and genuine people, known as the Green Karst. Diverse and filled with energy, it invites you below its skies, among its natural wonders, and cultural monuments throughout the year. Visit us. Alone, with friends or with family. You will receive a warm welcome. We will be happy to show you around.

Diverse landscapes of green forests, karst plateaus and valleys offer countless possibilities for leisure activities in nature. Diverse and full of energy, the Green Karst invites you under the sky, among natural wonders and cultural monuments throughout the entire year. No matter what your passion is – hiking, cycling, horse riding, cave trekking, cross-country skiing, kitesurfing on the snow, paragliding, boating or fishing – you will meet it here in its most beautiful form.

The Green Karst is a site of unique nature, as well as cultural and historical landscapes, with vast forests and typical karst features. The untouched location provides shelter for numerous endangered species and types of animals and plants; that is why the Natura 2000 network comprises as much as 54% of the territory, which is the largest in Slovenia.

The area of the Green Karst contains the most beautiful internationally renowned Slovenian caves: the Postojna Cave, the Cave below Predjama Castle, the Križna Cave, and the Planina Cave... Above the mysterious subterranean world are the paragons of cultural heritage, such as the Predjama Castle, Snežnik Castle, and Prem Castle. Travelling on foot or by bicycle will also offer you the chance to discover the less known cultural peculiarities, such as the stone crosses (“pillars”) in the Pivka region, or smaller ethnographic collections.

While exploring the natural and cultural beauty of the Zeleni Kras/Green Karst you will also be greeted by restaurants and farmhouses, where you will be able to try tasty local dishes, typical for this region. And for those of you who prefer natural, there is a selection of organic farms, where you will be able to enjoy ecologically produced food.

Creativity has been literally embedded in the local folk traditions of the Karst region. A visitor can indulge in genuine locally produced sweet souvenirs and choose from a variety of handcrafted products - so the memories will never fade away.

Quite a few hotels in the town of Postojna and Rakov Škocjan offer congress, seminar and other business services and capacities. Smaller business meetings can be organized by tourist farms or homesteads in the Green Karst as well. Business events can be combined with entertaining, educational and professional team building programmes. No matter what bed you seek, be it a soft one, a sleeping bag or simply sleeping in a hayloft, you will definitely find a place in the Green Karst, where you will get a good night's sleep and get ready for new adventures to come.

Discover the Green Karst. Welcome.



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