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Escape room The Key is one of the most popular escape rooms in Ljubljana, located on the best spot, right next to Preseren's monument, according to numerous compliments from domestic and foreign visitors. They proved that with their awesome reviews in the worlds most famous travelling web page Trip Advisor, who awarded us with a prestigious ''Certificate of excellence''. You can choose between the two connected rooms in DaVinci/Sherlock theme, where you have 70 minutes of fun to escape, or go for 60 minutes to a unique Wonderland, which won't let you down with it's riddles and splendid design. Along excitement you will experience something only seen in the virtual world or in the movies. We focused on innovative and carefully designed rooms where you have to solve puzzles, riddles, find hidden objects and think out of the box, to successfully escape. We are sure, you will enter something fresh, fun and unforgettable, and a good result might get you on our ''Wall of fame''. 



The game is based on participation of several persons which is a nice opportunity for you, your friends and relatives or coworkers to be challenged in this exciting time limited game while having lots' of fun at the same time. Have you got the potential to work out the riddles from our carefully prepared rooms?


We soon realized how much kids love escape rooms and we adapted all our rooms to children as well. Our kids level is from the ages 8-12 and parents can bring their young ones for an excellent experience. Very popular is bringing friends or school mates for a Birthday, while trying to escape. A great fun thing to do, which won't be forgotten very soon. The DaVinci/Sherlock rooms accept 10 kids, while the Wonderland takes 5 kids. 



Knowing that different people have different talents, we have prepared a number of miscellaneous logical, mathematical, secret as well as complicated riddles and codes which will have to be deciphered and solved for the prime key to be found to get you free.




Since Leonardo DaVinci was one of the greatest minds and had many secrets hidden and coded into his creations, he gave us the inspiration for our first room. By visiting us, you will enter into a small part of his life. Your main goal in his room will be to discover the key of his time machine. When you will find it, you will time travel approximately 400 years into the future, to the world of the most famous detective of all times, Sherlock Holmes. You will enter the Sherlock's room. The famous detective gave us the inspiration for the second room in this game. Sherlock is known for his careful, logical thinking and ability to adapt to any situation, which always leads to the solution. This room consists of various puzzles, logical connections, hidden objects, which logically follow and lead you towards the final solution, the key, which takes you back to freedom.

WONDERLAND – room no. 2

We used a lot of  imagination for creating that room and that's where the name Wonderland came from. It's not for kids only, but for adults as well, as a matter of fact it might be the hardest one in Slovenia. We have two levels. After the great success of DaVinci-Sherlock rooms, the Wonderland was a logical next step. The idea in Wonderland was to completely avoid the locks, and we almost succeeded, of course that represented a great challenge to us. The game starts in the dungeon and you have to find your way out to the fairyland. Once you get there you have to complete the task and save yourself out of the room. Like in DaVinci&Sherlock's room we spent a lot of time and imagination, creating the room and puzzles. You will be charmed by design and atmosphere for sure.



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Location: Obrežna steza 2, 1000 Ljubljana

Location description: TheKey Escape Room is located in the very center of Ljubljana at the beginning of Trubarjeva Street, just 50 metres from the famous Prešeren Square. You will see our advertising board so you can not miss us!

Opening hours: Every day from 10.30 - 21 00

Telephone: +386 (0)30 23 23 23

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