Tourist Farm Pri Flandru

Zakojca 1, 5282 Cerkno


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The warmth of a country
There are villages, which are often neglected and ill-recognised, as they are hidden in gorges and other lay high in mountains or cannot even be found on maps. Yet everyone is familiar with the peace and quiet surrounded by unspoiled nature.

Zakojca is one of such villages. Here are forests, gorges, fields and pastures, orchards, here are homesteads and pleasant people. It lies high above the Baška gorge, on the slope of the cumulus Kojca, with a view of the mighty Porezen Mountain.

As you return from the mighty peaks or when meeting with your family and friends, from the assortment of homemade spirits, we offer you homemade pear schnapps, Lakota or Lady's Bedstraw schnapps, cherry brandy and nut liquor.

Together with home baked bread and minced lard they create an atmosphere of hospitality and homeliness. Together with a glass of Slovenian wine the guests are served with homemade dry meat: smoked ham, salami, stuffed pig's stomach, and sausages in minced lard and homemade cheese.

A rich lunch with homemade beef or parsley broth, delicious vegetable side dishes, such as cabbage and potatoes hot pot called ’smukavc’, kohlrabi, cabbage with homemade beacon, beef and veal and the indispensable ’Idrija Žlikrofi’ ravioli; everything develops into culinary poetry of a homemade cuisine.

It will be our pleasure to offer you, along with your coffee with milk or cream, some apple strudel, nut or cottage cheese strudel called ‘štruklji’ and the house blend.

Well being and relaxation
We invite you as guests to relax your body and mind with gentle morning strolls or daylong trips to KOJCA (1303 m), POREZEN (1632 m) and ČRNA PRST (1844 m) mountains.

A pleasant surprise, especially for children, are horses, which can carry anyone gently in their saddle, or in a chaise, for a stroll. With more experienced riders we head for nearby villages or even go roaming for a couple of days.

The shades of trees in the home garden invite you for a rest and for quiet and peaceful nights there are stylistically furnished two and three bed rooms with a bathroom, television and wireless internet, a safe, children necessities and half board lodgings.

You are also invited to see the homestead of the writer France Bevk.
The house, renovated into a museum, takes you to the time of the writer's childhood near the end of 19th century. A literary history exhibition tells of his work.

Rooms and seat capacity
2 triple rooms and 4 double rooms all with bathrooms. Dining room has 60 seats.




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