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Gorenjska region is famous for its majestic mountains, beautiful lakes, rich forests and charming locals, who will welcome you with joyous song, wide smiles and open arms! If you are tempted by an active and adrenaline filled vacation or a peaceful and relaxing family retreat in the embrace of nature - Gorenjska presents first class offers in a variety of different tourist aspects!

Bled is without doubt one of the most attractive touristic destinations in Slovenia and in the wider Alpine world in general. It's attractions are well known: the clear and wide lake with the island and a historical church in the middle of it, the proximity of the mountains but not entrapment in their hermetically closed spirit, it's folklore and myths, crowned by national epic poem Baptism at The Savica, written by the cult romantic Slovenian poet France Prešeren (1800 – 1848). Touristic infrastucture which statisfies cultural, sport, accomodational and gourmet requirements of tourists. Rowing on the lake, on which trained the Olympic Games winners Iztok Čop and Luka Špik, cylcling on the dynamic relief and on the fresh air; elite hotels and many perfect apartment options; the historical spirit waving through town with a sense of the pre christian societies, well preserved remains of the feudalism era and it's castle with an incredible wiev and elite political meatings, which formed the history of the 20th century. We can say that Bled offers visitor an active and truly relaxing holidays. Unmistakable natural enviroment also offers a many different forms of active spending time. On the transition from Alpine geographical area to the more populated parts of Carniola historic region it joins both the intimacy of the mountain enviroment and vibrancy of it's wider area. Although it is an very popular touristic destination it didn't loose any of it's authenticity. Bled is simply - Bled.

Tic Bled

Tic Bled

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