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About the Water Park

The Atlantis Water Park offers three thematic modules (Adventure World with a special kids’ area, Thermal Temple and Sauna Land), which are interconnected and spread over two floors, with each offering its own image in architectural and contents terms.

There are 16 pools at the Atlantis Water Park (6 large, 6 special-purpose and 4 children’s pools): Wave Pool, Adventure Pool, Outdoor Recreation Pool, Outdoor Thermal Pool, Indoor Thermal Pool, Outdoor Sauna Pool, 3 cascade baths, Calm Pool, 2 whirlpools and 4 children’s pools.

Adventure World with a special kids’ area

The central part of the Atlantis Water Park is named Adventure World as it offers a host of surprises and top fun to its visitors who will remember it for a long time afterwards. The indoor and outdoor pools, two slides and several different water attractions guarantee unlimited opportunities for fun. We have also taken care of our youngest visitors by setting up a special kids’ area within Adventure World.

The youngest visitors to the water park can play in two pools for children of various ages. The pool for the very youngest has a toboggan slide, a water snake and many other toys; special emphasis is put on the children’s safety so they can explore freely and learn new things. The pool for bigger children features several other attractions, above all the water jets that can be extremely amusing. The pools are completely separated so that each age group of children can enjoy themselves without being disturbed.

Thermal Temple

When we hear the word ‘thermal’ we immediately conjure up an image of a relaxing environment and peaceful atmosphere full of natural aromas, precious herbs and other substances offered by thermal water that are extremely beneficial to our health. Thermal Temple within the Atlantis Water Park has been designed as an oasis of total relaxation where visitors can completely regenerate and become able again to face the rigours of everyday life. The rich flora in Thermal Temple give you the feeling of an authentic connection with nature, while the sound of water running over the cascade baths creates a perfect audio environment for wonderful relaxation in special moments. Visitors are invited to the cascade baths or indoor thermal pool which is connected with the outdoor thermal pool so that moving between them is possible throughout the year.

Sauna Land

The modern man or woman's care for health, a beautiful body and well-being starts in a sauna. In the past, this was a habit typical of Scandinavian people; nowadays it is a well-established way of taking care of one's body. Its beneficial effects for our health and anti-stress therapy make each visit to the sauna a special event.

Sauna Land within the Atlantis Water Park is designed so that it can meet the requirements and wishes of any visitor, by offering a combination of dry and wet saunas over two floors and, in the outer part, two pools, a panoramic room and a terrace where you can rest. In our indoor saunas, visitors will be indulged by various treatments involving salt, ice, honey and a range of aromas. The outdoor saunas are lovely little houses made from special polar wood called "kelo". The most noticeable is the Alpine Sauna due to its special design – that of a typical Alpine hut like one can find on Velika Planina. Other outdoor saunas: Panoramic Sauna, Earth Sauna and Miner’s Sauna.

Opening Hours

Adventure World, Thermal Temple and Sauna Land

Sunday - Thursday: 09.00 till 21.00 hrs.

Friday, Saturday and national hollidays: 09.00 till 22.00 hrs.

Assian Massage Centre

Monday - Sunday: 09.00 till 21.00 hrs.

Cosmetic Studio

Monday - Saturday: 10.00 till 20.00 hrs.

Sunday and national hollidays: 14.00 till 20.00 hrs.

Diving Centre Atlantis

Every day: 09.00 till 19.00 hrs.

Adventure park

Opened only on non-rainy days.

Monday - Friday: 15.00 till 19.00.

Saturday, Sunday and national hollidays: 11.00 till 19.00 hrs.

Water park Atlantis in Ljubljana.


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