Villa Saline

Seča 119, 6320 Portorož


+386 (0)5 67 79 400

In our coastal oasis by the saltpans in Seca near Portorož, you will find pleasure in the warm Mediterranean sun every day of every season: in the mild winter you will enjoy the placid nature, in the blossoming spring you can eat cherries from the trees, in the hot summertime you will enjoy the pleasures of sea water, and the autumn invites you to grape harvesting in the vineyards and tasting of home-made cider followed by olive picking. By visiting us you will return to nature. During your holiday you will experience the hospitality and warmness of the open Mediterranean people. We are the Istrians and for us Istria is the most beautiful place in the world.

In the green, peaceful oasis of the regional park along the Secovlje Saltpans, 1500 m from the centre of the lively and fancy Portorož seaside resort, on the southern side of the Seca Peninsula, in a region of scattered houses with gardens and parks, lies the newly built house, Seca 119, owned by the family company which belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Fatoric. Below the house and fruit garden, Jernej, the last saltpan canal winds with its traditional wooden piers and quays for boats and sailing boats and a local road to the Ribic guesthouse - also a popular walking path continuing along the ridge of the always sunny Seca Peninsula between the saltpans and the Portorož bay.

In addition to the pleasures offered by the intact nature and the beautiful view of the saltpans and the bay, you will also enjoy the healing climate of the saltpans. On request, the host will take you with a family boat from the house, among the saltpan kanals to Kanegra , the most popular natural swimming area for the local residents. It has a sandbank beach by a pine forest situated on the other side of the bay where you can swim. You can also go on a sightseeing tour of the Slovenian or nearby Croatian coasts. You can swim in the nearby open public area of the Seca Cape, at the sandy beach in Portorož or the nearby swimming pools by the beach. The house offers use of own bicycles. Roller skating on the traffic free road which leads into the saltpans presents a memorable experience. A grill and playground for children are available in the house garden.

In the vicinity there are restaurants and an excellent pizzeria, a tavern and a night club. The host can arrange tickets for you for the casino in Portorož. He will recommend and book excursions for you to Lipica, Postojna, Venice, Istra ... with family discounts.

We offer : home making white and red wine , grappa, fruitliker...



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