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Koper – the main Slovenian port town is an important historical and cultural center and it represents the main southern sea gates for the Central Europe. Also, it is an important junction of the Slavic and Romanic worlds, an interesting small architecture attraction, town with a regulated beach and strong offer of smaller festivales.

All the way from the times of Roman empire, when the first port was esteblished on the place of contemporary Koper, it plays an important role in the cultural and economic region. Flow of the goods and ideas have established a specific relations between Romanic and Salvic worlds, between East and West and one of the most opened and prolific areas in Slovenia. So it is not a coincidence that Koper is one of the cradles of great former Yugoslav rock scen and that it is a hometown of one of the most important contemporary poets in the world, Tomaž Šalamun

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